Billing Automation

Catapult Billing as a Service

Does the fear of telecom taxation and compliance keep you up at night?  If you don’t have an automated billing and taxation system in place, you should.  Catapult by Altaworx provides the automated billing, collection, and taxation features you need to accurately invoice your customers’ telecom services.

Telecom Compliance as a Service - AMOP

as a Service

Through our partnership with Altaworx, Compliance as a Service can be bolted on to the Billing as a Service portion of AMOP.  Altaworx provides a White Label UCaaS platform and other carrier services for sale to your clients.  Through our partnership with CLA, taxes are calculated and submitted automatically.

IoT and Mobility Usage Integration

Billing wireless data usage is one of the challenges of becoming a carrier.  Manually billing data usage is time consuming and prone to error.  The AMOP system can automatically calculate and push usage billing from the carrier to the recurring billing platform.  This is possible if you have your own recurring billing platform or if you are using the Catapult Billing as a Service solution.

Mobile Usage Integration - AMOP
ContactWise Billing - AMOP


Using AMOP for Billing as a Service to accurately invoice your customers the appropriate tax and regulatory fees, you can post the billing, tax and regulatory fees to your customers’ billing from ConnectWise.  This eliminates the need for two billing platforms and consolidates everything for your customer into one invoice.